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Sometimes our organism gives a feedback indicating that its operation processes are not in perfect order. If this state lasts long we may feel that our disease controls our life. The soultion: pulsing magnetic therapy using Magneter device developed in Hungary.

Magneter device has recived its compact, easy-to-use design, which is available for hospitals and naturophatic practices, and one version is sold even for domestic use. (Magneter Home)

Magnetotherapy also had the chance to start its concuest eventually, and many people call it the “medicine of the 21st century”.

Houndreds of thousands of people of science are working in this field, and the sales of magnetic curative accessories are growing day by day.

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Major advantages of the application of the Magneter device are the simplicity of use (even at home), minimal maintenance need, high efficiency and diversity of the therapeutic treatments, and the lack of side effects. In Europe it is a medical device, it can exclusively be used az complementary therapy. The device has been developed in Hungary.

During the early studies it was realised that bacteria and viruses have specific own (resonant) frequencies, which make them vulnerable. Biological changes occur in the cells as an effect of the pulsing (low-frequency) field, and this process has a definitely benefical influence on a number of health problems.

The cell metabolism and regeneration accelerate the pain decreases, and the self-curing mechanism of the organism exerts its effect much more, and the immune system is harmonised to the effects perceived.

The magnetic therapy dilates the blood vessels, thus relieving the pain in the joints and muscles, regenerates the skin, and the bone tissues also strengthen. The vegetative nervous system becomes more harmonised, and the therapy has a beneficial effect on the tumor lesions as well.

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The Magneter device delivers electrical and magnetic impulses to the organism, thus enhancing, increasing and harmonising its normal operation.

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Owing to our continuously increasing range of CD programs even individual treatment programs can be designed.

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The effects of pulsing magnetic field

The most important effects of the pulsing magnetic field on the human organism are as follows:

  • general regeneration effect;
  • stimulates the bone and and cartilage cells;
  • regenerates the nerve cells;
  • accelerates the healing of wounds;
  • pain reducing effect;
  • improves metabolic processes;
  • facilitates the removal of catabolites, owing to improved metabolism;
  • initates the activity of macrophages;
  • reduces the sensitivity of the stress hormone receptors, thus increasing stress tolerance;
  • regulates the myenteric plexus found in the intestines, thus eliminating digestion problems;
  • facilitates the spreading of the melatonin hormone, thus eliminating sleeping disturbances and, in the long run, acting aganist tumour formation;
  • strengthens the immune system: influences the vegetative nervous system and the operation of lympocytes as well;
  • increased efficiency of medicines due to improved metabolism and blood supply;
  • restores normal heart rhythm;
  • improves breathing volume through improved operation of the breathing muscles;
  • separates red blood cells adhered to each other, thus increasing the flow rate of the blood.

Magneter Home and Professional

Application of the pulsing magnet therapy

Major therapeutic applications of the device are as follows:

  • prevention of diseases and stress reduction;
  • managing the problems of blood supply irregularities and problems of the circulatory system;
  • facilitating the healing of the bone;
  • elimination of excessive muscle tones;
  • treatment of sleep problems and other stress-releated diseases;
  • in the area of sports: increasing of performance, treatment of injuries, acceleration of regeneration;
  • treatment of metabolic diseases;
  • in the therapy of cardiovascular diseases;
  • for depression;
  • in cases of neuritis, neural lesions, diseases of neural origin;
  • to reduce the consumption of medicines;
  • th strengthen the immune system (including cases of tumours as well!);
  • for treatment of dermical diseases;
  • for treatment of allergic symptoms;
  • for diseases of the musculosketeal system.

Magneter Home and Professional

Caution Use exclusively the discs traded by Magneter-Shop, as the given frequencies, and square signals will change during copying, and the application will beacompe useless.

It is necessary to drink 2-3 dl water or other drink with iron content (e.g.: artesian water,effervescent tablets) 15 minutes before the treatment.

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